About Us

Our Company

Tensor Infotech is a premier services company with various service offerings in the field of Engineering, Technology & Training verticals. We deliver what customer wants and not what we think customer wants. This distinguishes us as a company with a mission to be a leading services provider, which will be state-of-the-art and will add value to its customers’ business processes. Tensor Infotech endeavors to be a satellite services company to a select few IT majors and we have identified to work with their endeavors. What can Tensor Infotech bring to the table?

Our Mission

"Deliver Engineering, Technology & Training Services to suit global needs"

Tensor Infotech is a full spectrum multidisciplinary services company based out of Chennai.

Our Values

We pride ourselves not only on professionalism but also clearly on people management. We have developed skill strengths on the financial, telecom and services industry. Core employee driven asset accountability helps us to mature and work towards long prosperous relationships with partners and customers.

We at Tensor Infotech deploy a rich talent of individuals with special strengths in financial, Telecom, Manufacturing and Services in business processes and also follow guidelines and global standards like ISO. We believe that a correct blend of standards based on process hold us in good stead with nurturing fruitful relationships.


Our team delivers innovative solutions that support your special needs by taking an in-depth look at organizational process, how data is used in the decision making process and the supporting technology.

We develop solutions that help some of the biggest names in the business to get their products and services to market in the believably quick timeframes. Additionally our portal and online expertise helps client drive improved service and increased market share.

"By solving today‘s IT problem, we’re preparing the IT corps for the challenges of tomorrow."

We have solutions to................. To Manage Future:

Core Value

  • Best people,
  • Customer Focus,
  • Innovation,
  • Quality and Competitive Advantage