SYNON Connectivity

Tensor Infotech presents you an affordable and easily accessible Synon : Cool2e connectivity. The RPG –Synon environment can be accessed through Internet Anywhere 24 X 7 at a highly affordable price.

In today's business environment it is imperative for transnational organization driven by database and large individual customers are required to maintain robust.

Synon Connectivity can be accessed remotely across the world through nodal desktop points for your Training needs at an affordable price.

Tensor Infotech provides General Computer Services to the As400 Users ie., Corporates, Training Institutes, Individuals for Training Purposes.

AS400 Server V5 R4

Synon Version V8.3


Remote access to the Synon 2e Training environment can be accomplished via any existing Internet Media.


24 hours access to the AS400 System.


Help Desk from Tensor available round the clock for any Technical or User Assistance.

Customers can contact



Very optimal cost - More Info contact us at +91-44-24344799 / 96770 50105

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